• Chesemaking equipment
    Chesemaking equipment
  • Your cheese-making production
    Your cheese-making production
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Equipment for milk processing

and production of dairy products

" APS Group " company fully fits  up enterprises with equipment and  lines for dairy products production.We offer high quality equipment.Our experts carry out an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs, what  allows us to customize the equipment for your production. The unique experience acquired over the course of our work allows us to bring additional profit to our clients by expanding the assortment, improving the quality of dairy products, optimizing processes and reducing losses.

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customers across Russia and the CIS

  • Белый медведь (мясниковский молзавод) - Ростовская область
  • Великолукский молочный комбинат - псковская область
  • Дакгомз -Хабаровский край
  • Здравушка-милк ОАО
  • Ичалковский Мордовия
  • Калачеевский сырзавод Воронежская
  • Калинковичский молочный комбинат Беларусь
  • Кезский сырзавод - Удмуртия
  • Северная Долина
  • Киприно - Алтайский край
  • Костромские сыровары Костромская область
  • Новатор - Крым
  • РУДНЕНСКИЙ ТАН - Казахстан
  • Северодвиск-Молоко ОАО Архангельская область
  • Усть-Калманский МСЗ (Алтайский край)

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