Hard cheese production line

Hard cheese production line

from 300 kg cheese per day
from 900 kg cheese per month

4 people

450 sq.m

Hard, semi-hard, soft and pickled cheeses are produced on this line

Equipment set

Milk reception station

Capacitive equipment

Pasteurizing equipment

Cream separator

Cheese maker

Forming equipment

Press of cheese

Cheese demoulding machine

Cheese salting bath


Video of work

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Technological operations

Milk which was accepted by quality and quantity, is normalized according to  fat weight fraction, is pasteurized and cooled till the coagulation temperature. As a result of junket processing the whey is formed and moved away.

To reduce excessive acidity in the process of the curd processing and to prevent it from drying out, drinking water is added into the cheesemaker. The finished cheese curd is pumped into a forming  machine / whey separator. Next, the moulds  with cheese grain is transferred to the pressing zone.

After pressing the cheese is pressed out and sent to the salting in the pool. Further dried cheese is packed in a film.

Packed cheese is placed on stationary racks for ripening. In the cheese storage, maturation regimes are maintained according to the technological requirements of the cheese ripening process. The ripened cheese is placed in corrugated cardboard boxes and prepared for sale.


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