Butter production line by cream churning

Butter production line by cream churning

50-250 liters of cream

2 people

25 sq.m

Butter production line in a periodic way (cream churning method).

Line output rate- from 50 up to 250 lt of cream.

Equipment set

Pump for cream

Storage tank for cream -raw materials

Pasteurizing equipment 

Butter churn

Capacitive equipment

Packing machine

Technological process

While butter production by method of cream  churning the technological process conditionally is divided into 3 stages:

1. Cream physical ripening

2. Ripened cream churning

3. Finished butter packing in the briquette/box

The duration of the production cycle is about 24 hours.

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соответсвие требованиям контроля качества Соответствие системам
контроля качества
и безопасности
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за счет грамотных
проектных решений

Technological operations

Coming in for processing cream must meet the requirements of technological instructions for the production of butter. Mass fraction of fat in cream should be within 36 ... 55%. During the heat treatment of the cream, the pathogenic microflora is destroyed, enzymes are inactivated, and the cream acquires the corresponding pasteurization taste. The cream pasteurization temperature is 95 ... 98 ° C (extract -600 seconds). A feature of butter  production by churning is a technological operation - the maturation of cream

The process is based on two events:

- Hardening and crystallization of milk fat triglycerides;

- Adsorption balance offset in cream (formation of visible fat crystals);

Proper ripening of the cream allows you to get the butter with a good plastic consistency and increase the utilization of fat. Buttermilk obtained in the process of churning butter is cooled and used for the production of whole milk products.

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