Pressing 1260 kg of cheese per cycle on a horizontal press

Pressing 1260 kg of cheese per cycle on a horizontal press

In the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia it was installed a horizontal press with automatic control. The press allows pressing of a large amount of cheese with a minimum area.

At the enterprise, the equipment takes about 8 square meters and in one cycle of work it can press up to 1260 kg of cheese (the specific figure depends on the volume and number of moulds). Automatic control panel allows you to accurately follow the production technology. The operator only needs to choose the desired mode, and the program would do the rest instead of him.

Automatic control

Sometimes during pressing work, it is necessary to pause to correct irregularly shaped moulds. When the “Pause” button is pressed, the pressure is removed; the operator corrects the moulds and turns on pressing. Pressing would continue from the point where it was stopped.

The client was faced with the task of increasing the output of the pressing section productivity and not expanding the production area. Horizontal press coped with this task.

Sergey ZabaluevSergey Zabaluev
Head of Sales Department

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