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"APS Group" company is manufacturer of processing equipment for dairy and cheese production. The range of equipment is wide and, together with a series of standard equipment, for which there is a standard production, the company has its ability in developing and implementing customized equipment.

A lot of machines are often the result of a successful interaction between APS and the customer.

The company is also very attentive to the after-sales service. Skilled technicians follow the customer during installation and start-up providing a proper staff training.
In addition company provides integrated solutions from project to execution.

The experience of our specialists allows us to create projects for the required process. During our work we have acquired a clear understanding of the needs of our customers. We deeply understand your desires, which allows to provide You complete and optimal technological solution for Your product.

APS Group team

 APS Group team     Director of the company Saloid Ilya

Sergey ZabaluevSergey Zabaluev
Head of Sales Department

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