Milk reception and measuring

Milk reception and measuring
Milk reception and measuringMilk reception and measuringMilk reception and measuringMilk reception and measuring

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Output rate - from 5,000 to 20,000 l/h

Volume and temperature measurement of incoming milk, mechanical cleaning, deaeration

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equipment for your technical requirements

Purpose of milk reception unit

The milk receiving station is used to receive milk in a continuous stream from automobile tanks, measurement of its , volume and temperature. The equipment makes primary mechanical cleaning and separates the air from the stream.

It retains all nutrients

The equipment provides compliance with the milk intake technology and ensures the preservation of all the nutritional properties of the milk raw materials, as well as improving the quality of the product due to its deaeration.

Simplicity of operation

The reception station is easy to install and maintain. Disinfection and sanitization of equipment can be made in the CIP system.


Capacity, l/h


5 000
10 000
15 000
20 000
 Receiving product


 Flow meter change relative error, %

+/- 0,25* 

 Product inlet / outlet nozzle connection size, DN


 Pipeline meter diameter, DN




 Power, kW





  *Depending on the used counter brand

Michail Sychev
Michail Sychev
Specialist of the dairy division

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