Drain Trolley for cheese moulds

It is used to fill cheese moulds

Increase the speed of filling moulds

Reducing the loss of cheese curd when filling moulds

Cheese or cottage cheese layer forming


A trolley is used to form a cheese or cottage cheese layer and to separate the whey during the self-pressing of the curd in the moulds or curd in the bags.

When servicing the technological section between the cheese maker (or the device for forming a cheese clot) and the press, cheese moulds are installed on the trolley.

Cheese curd in pouring way, in bulk or already in the form of a formed layer fills the cheese mould.

In cases of filling in pouring way or in bulk, a distribution funnel is used to reduce product losses and increase the speed of filling the moulds with cheese curd. Whey flows to the bottom of the trolley through the perforated mesh and is removed through the drain valve.

In the case of using a trolley for pressing and forming a self-pressing cheese or curd, a cheese or curd grain is poured onto the perforated insert of the trolley.

Perforation in this case is also installed on the walls of the trolley. Clot is pressed under its own weight. Whey is discharged through the perforation.

Increasing the speed of filling cheese moulds

Cheese grains can be distributed into  the funnel manually or using a scraper. You do not need to fill each mould separately and one after another.

The funnel holes are designed in such a way that when filling in the moulds the center of the hole and the moulds coincide each other. At the same time, the size of the holes in the funnel is slightly smaller than the internal size of the cheese moulds, therefore the cheese grain falls strictly into the mould.

Trolley construction

Drain Trolley for cheese mouldsThe trolley is made of stainless steel AISI 304 in compliance with all sanitary standards. It is mounted on wheels with a brake for easy transportation and stopping during filling. For convenience of movement, the trolley is equipped with the handle.

The inner bottom of the trolley is made with no stagnant zones and is beveled at a slight angle to reduce the contamination tank, better draining of whey and detergents.

The metal funnel - the distributor helps to reduce the loss of curd, facilitate, and speed up the filling of cheese moulds. The shape of the holes may vary depending on the type of mould.

Removable insert for separating the whey is made of perforated steel plate. The perforated insert is installed on the bottom and walls of the trolley to ensure the best outflow of whey.

A high level of hygiene is achieved due to the sloping bottom, the absence of stagnant zones and high quality performance.


Trolley calculation example



 Trolley capacity

200 liter

 Load capacity, not more than

200 kg

 Diameter of the drain hole

50 mm

 Overall dimensions of the bath 

1885 mm


875 mm


400 mm


1980 mm


915 mm


930 mm


160 kg