Cheese dust catcher

Cheese dust catcher
Cheese dust catcherCheese dust catcherCheese dust catcherCheese dust catcher

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Filtering casein particles and cheese dust from whey

Fast and full emptying of  tanks

Whey output rate  - 30 000 l / hour

Pays off in 34 days 

We will manufacture and customize the
equipment for your technical requirements


The cheese dust catcher filters the whey and catches casein particles from the cheese dust. The catcher does not require the use of heat or coolant for heating or cooling raw materials, which makes it economically beneficial for plants.

The whey pumping system provides automatic pumping of the filtered whey and complete emptying of the drain bin. Bottoms with a large angle of inclination provide quick and complete emptying of the intermediate bins and increase the rigidity of the structure. Flanging bottoms with a large radius facilitates washing and ensures full compliance with sanitary standards.

Fast and high quality washing

The presence of three washing heads allows you to wash the catcher quickly and efficiently. The presence of level sensors in the drain bin allows automatic control of the pump for the return of washing solutions while СІР washing. The inner surface of the catcher is polished, which facilitates cleaning. There are no "blind" areas for washing in the catcher. This ensures the bacterial purity of the product.


1. It allows to catch the smallest particles of cheese dust by filtering in the process of whey pumping

2. No additional energy is used, what is economically feasible.

3. The system provides automatic pumping of filtered whey.

4. It allows making central automatic washing.

5. It provides bacterial purity of the product



Whey  output rate30 000 l/h
The surface area of the filter element1.3 sq.m
MaterialAISI 304
Working temperature8...60 C
Washing temperature70...95 C
Washing methodCIP
Required supply of cleaning solutions15 000 l/h
Required pressure of washing solutions1.5 b 
Dimensions2000x1200x1400 mm
Mass300 kg
Method of installation on the foundation, adjustable supports4 pcs
Vladislav Babenko
Vladislav Babenko
Project manager

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