Drum whey separator

Drum whey separator
Drum whey separator

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Curd structure saving

Keeping curd constant humidity at the outlet

Automated control

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Operation principle

Whey separator is designed to separate whey from curd in the production of cheese molded in bulk.

In the drum whey separator, the cheese grain from the cheese maker, together with the whey, is pumped through the pump into the rotating perforated inclined drum.

As the drum rotates, the cheese grain is poured over its surface. The whey in the drum flows through the perforations into the receiving hopper, and the dehydrated curd  is sent to the forming.

The design of the equipment provides for the possibility of smooth control of the performance of the whey separator and the moisture content of the curd at the exit of the equipment, as well as automatic keeping  the liquid level in the receiving hopper to collect the whey.

Benefits of  whey separator usage

1.The increase in labor productivity

The processing of the curd and the separation of whey takes place in a stream, which increases labor productivity.

2.Preservation of grain structure

The grain structure during processing is saved. This allows obtaining stable organoleptic characteristics of hard and soft cheeses.

3. Comfort operation

Automated control of operation modes in whey separator

Design features of whey separator

1. Assembled on a single frame

2. Made of stainless steel

3. There is an in-place washing system.

4. Adjustable drum speed

5. Adjustable drum tilt level

6. Easy to operate, maintain and sanitize.

The use of the original whey separation system predetermines the optimal structure and equal moisture content of the curd at the exit of the machine, which, in turn, affects the quality of the finished cheese or cottage cheese.



Output rate25 m3/ h
The length of the perforated drum part710 mm
Drum rotational rate30 revolution per minute
The conditional passage of the drain pipe50 mm
Installed power0.37 kW




1550 mm

780 mm

1780 mm

Mass135 kg
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