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Cheese-making bath for cheese curd production
Cheese-making bath for cheese curd productionCheese-making bath for cheese curd productionSpecial lire designCheese-making bath for cheese curd production

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Working volume - 600 - 5000 liters

Careful interaction with the product when mixing

Special lire design

The lifting mechanism during the cheese curd unloading

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Cheese-making bath for the production of cheese curd is used in the production of hard and soft cheeses. It is suitable for heating, mixing the product; coagulation and cale formation; cutting of the clot by a cutting-kneading mechanism, extraction of whey and pumping of curd with whey into forming devices or whey separator.

Main capacity tank

It is a tank with a double zero shape, closed and protected in its upper part. The frame and interior walls are made of AISI304 stainless steel.

The inner part of the base has structural reinforcement to give it rigidity. The base of the bath is fixed on four supports, adjustable in height, to facilitate level installation.
At the base of the body frame there is a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the curd.

Full unloading of cheese curd

The bath can be tilted up to 8 cm. It is tilted by manual operation. The tilting system should not be used when the bath contains more than 20% of the product, as the system is used to achieve complete discharge of the product.

Not each model is equipped with the tilting system.

Careful interaction with the product

Careful interaction with the product due to the special design of the lire when kneading and thanks to the lifting mechanism during the unloading of the curd.

Two axes of liras are driven by a double gear motor. The rotation of the lyre occurs in both directions for mixing and cutting the curd. Liras are made of stainless steel.

They are sharp at one end for cutting curd and blunt at the other for mixing the product.

Volume, liter

Width, mm

Length, mm

Height, mm

Power, kW

1 0001350210018001,1
2 0001650265019501,1
3 0001750275021501,5
4 0001950285024002,5
5 0001940285027002,5

Cheese making bath characteristics

1. Stainless steel construction

2. Three-layer walls with thermal insulation made of foamed polyurethane

3. Temperature change

4. Electronic lira  speed control

5. Cutting lyres rotate in two directions

6. Outlet hole with a diameter of 75/100 mm.

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