Cheese vats

Volume - from 1000 - 12 000 liters per hour

Uniformly mixed cheese curd of the required size

Increased yield


Planetary mechanism

The device of the cutting-kneading mechanism provides the minimum mechanical effect on the cheese curd, reaches the desired size of the cheese curd. The equipment also reduces waste in the form of cheese dust in whey and improves whey waste.

The planetary mechanism is designed with a margin of reliability and durability, which increases the service life at times. The rotation frequency of the lira changes smoothly through the use of a frequency converter and ranges from 3 to 36 rp

Uniform heating of the product

The double wall device creates a smooth heating of the product (by the type of “steam bath”), thereby reducing the harmful effects on the cheese curd. Due to the smoothness and uniformity of heating of the product, the yield of the finished product increases.

The closed construction of the cheese maker eliminates bacterial contamination from the outside and reduces the cost of heating the product.

Cheese maker functionality

The cheese maker is designed to make  a closed coagulation process and process the clot. It is suitable for all types of cheeses. It allows you to mechanize technological operations:

1. Clot cutting, cheese grain setting and kneading.

2. Whey removal.

3. Second heating.

4. Whey deacidification of with water.

5. Cheese curd drain.

6. Sanitization.






1 000 liters2000 mm2000 mm1.1
2 000 liters1450 mm2170 mm1.1
3 000 liters1750 mm2100 mm1.5
4 000 liters1950 mm2850 mm2.5
5 000 liters1940 mm2850 mm2.5
6 000 liters2150 mm3250 mm2.5
8 000 liters2520 mm3500 mm5.5
10 000 liters2700 mm3600 mm5.5
12 000 liters2700 mm4050 mm5.5