Semi-automatic cheese maker from 100 liters

Capacity from 100 to 1000 liters

Inclined bottom allows to get complete discharge of the product

Manual lira or planetary stirrer mechanism


Working operations

The cheese maker is necessary for the production of cheese curd  in the hard and soft cheeses production. Performed operations: filling with milk, milk heating and pasteurizing, controlling a cutting-mixing device, maintaining a predetermined cyclical nature of technological operations, whey separating and lowering and a product releasing.

High quality of cheese curd

Due to the special design of the lire and the cheese maker drive, the working out time of the cheese grain is reduced. The exact size and shape of the lire ensure thorough mixing of the curd. The product is heated by hot water circulating in the double wall or heating elements. This ensures the absence of stagnant zones during mixing, minimal waste of cheese dust and gentle descent of curd. The sloping bottom allows to have  a full discharge of the product with an exit of 52 mm in diameter.

Control panel

1. On / off button for mixer

2. Potentiometer to control mixer  speed

3. Product temperature sensor

4. On-off heating of the product

5. Display to control the heating temperature of the product

6. Emergency stop button

7. On-off coolant / coolant circulation pump

Working safety and comfort

For safe work with equipment in the top part of cheese maker there is a limit switch, activating while opening the bath lid and turning off mixer gearing. Also, a pneumatic valve is provided on the hot water inlet to turn off the water supply.

The cheese maker stands on three adjustable feet and does not require a foundation to be installed.




Capacityof 500 liters
Speed of rotationof a mixer is 0-16 revolutions per minute
Installed power0.75 kW
Dimensions1300x1600x1700 mm