Semi-automatic cheese cutter on fix weight for block mod. Nika

Cheese cutter on a fix weight
Cheese cutter on a fix weightCutting cheese on a fix weightCheese cutter on portions

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Fix weight wedges of cheese

For block, bar cheese, euroblock, long cylinder

3 programs of cheese cutting

We will manufacture and customize the
equipment for your technical requirements

Semi-automatic cheese cutter line

Cutting programs:

  • set number of portions
  • fixed weight portions with a leftover portion
  • fixed weight portions  



High-precision cutting 


Easy maintenance

Working process

With this machine you can cut exact weight portions with or without waste/refuse. The operator chooses the cutting program on the panel view of the line cutter, writing also the weight of each portion. He puts the bar of cheese on the balance. Then operator moves the cheese on the infeed conveyer of the machine; he pushes the start button and the machine cuts automatically all portions. If the operator has chosen the program “exact weight without refuse” , the machine will cut wedges with a weight tolerance of +/-5-7% (e-weight).

If the operator has chosen the program “exact weight with refuse”, the machine calculates and cuts identical wedges + 1 portion of waste.

If operator has chosen the program "number of wedges", machine will cut cheese one the number of wedges from the panel. In this case is not necessary to weigh the cheese.


 Technical details:

Electric tension: 300V+3ph+N

 Electro-pneumatic functions

 Max Cheese length: 500 mm

 Maximum cheese high: 180 mm

 Through the touch screen you can easily: 1) manage the all equipment, 2) create a recipes menu, 3) clearly see all alarms and reset the right working procedure.

 Tele-service system for remote connection and PLC check

 PLC Weintec

 Touch screen 7”

 Output rate of as much as 40 portions/minute

 Stainless steel construction

 Overall dimensions: 2500x900x1900 mm

 Pneumatic plant 6 bars

 The machine is built in the full respect of safety laws

 The cutting station is protected by transparent lexun doors stop immediately the blade if somebody open them.

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