Butter churn

Butter churn
Butter churn

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Butter  production by the periodic whipping method

Uniform moisture distribution in butter 

Maintain a constant temperature

High-quality cream churning

We will manufacture and customize the
equipment for your technical requirements

Whipping cream occurs with help of special blades welded to the inner side surface of the drum, and when processing the butter create the necessary conditions for compaction of grain and uniform distribution of moisture in the butter.

To maintain a constant temperature when churning cream, the churn is equipped with an irrigation device.




Volume0,5 cb.m1 cb.m
Drive power4,0 kW3,0 kW
Nominal drum speed35+-2 revolution per minute30+-1 revolution per minute
MaterialAISI 304AISI 304

Irina Kotysheva
Irina Kotysheva
Specialist of the dairy division

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